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Adele Speak about ‘When We Were Young’

Only four days remain before Adele returns with your ex much-anticipated new LP 25, now the singer stopped by Sirius XM for the wide-ranging interview about her influences, motherhood and her upcoming album. During the chat, Adele spoke in depth about “When We Were Young,” a song she previewed Sunday on 60 Minutes. Check Adele hello sheet music page.

“It took it’s origin from us being older, and coming to a party with this house, and seeing everyone that you’ve got ever fallen out with, everyone that you’ve got ever loved, everyone you’ve never loved, and stuff like that, in places you can’t find time to be in 1 another lives,” Adele When We Were Young Chords said with the track, which had been co-written by Tobias Jesso Jr. “And you’re all thrown together as of this party when you are like 50, plus it doesn’t matter along with so much fun and you are feeling like you’re 15 again. So that is the kind of vibe from it really.”

Adele stated her favorite lyric about the track is “You seem like a movie / You seem like a song / My god this reminds me of after we were young.” Check Adele hello sheet music page. Check Adele Hello sheet music here.

Adele also discussed which current artists she hears as well as her go-to album when she’s sad. “I like Chvrches a whole lot. I like Grimes a good deal. Those are the type who are my personal favorites that are somewhat new,” Adele said. “I attempt to listen to music that will uplift me but I don’t really get connected to it. So mainly, Jeff Buckley. And that’s been my well being I’ve done that. I remember receding with his mom when I was like seven and playing Jeff Buckley, because my mom would be a huge fan. Grace has become around me.” More about Adele hello chords here.

Elsewhere inside Siriux XM interview, the singer also discussed body image, her favorite part about to be a mom and promised she will perform shows meant for 25. “I will likely be doing U.S. shows, at the very least as many I did last time, which wasn’t a large number of, so aren’t getting too excited,” Adele joked, referencing her 2012 U.S. tour that has been canceled as a result of vocal cord hemorrhage.

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